Polymer Clay Beginner Supply List

Clay - Sculpey Souffle or Premo is my favorite. Stay away from Sculpey III, very low quality. Below is a link to a beginner kit.

Pasta Machine - Any pasta machine will work well but below is my favorite.

Tools - Cake decorating tools are great as well as clay tools. Below is a great beginner set.

Cutters - You can purchase clay cutters from a variety of sellers. My favorite: Lulucutters, RoClayCo, etc. Linked is a good beginner set.

Baking - You can bake in your oven on a cookie sheet. My oven I purchased at a Yard Sale and I bake on tiles linked below. Using paper under your clay pieces when baking helps get rid of shiny backs.

Sanding - You may want to sand your creations for a more finished look in addition using this tool to create holes in your pieces for adding hardware