About the Artist

Lauren is the artist behind the work of Sunshine Dust Co. She studied Fine Art + Art History to earn her BFA and has a Master’s Degree in Art Education. Using this experience, Lauren creates work for Sunshine Dust Co. enjoying creating florals and small intricate details within her work. She is inspired by the mission of creating sprinkles of happiness, bright colors, and the world around us. 

When not creating for Sunshine Dust Co., Lauren loves to read, garden, thrift/antiques, and spend time with loved ones.

Photo left taken by Ary Supan Photography

About the Team

Jake is Lauren’s life partner who helps with a lot of the behind the scenes action. Including website maintenance, display building, earring assemblage, paper cutter extraordinaire, and much more. When Sunshine Dust Co. is at live events, Jake is always in attendance as well. 

When not working behind the scenes for Sunshine Dust Co., Jake is studying to get his PhD in Historical Musicology and teaching music lessons. 

Studio assistants, Pooka, Polly, and Joplin work diligently to keep the company's mission of spreading sunshine. All rescues from Louisiana, traveled to New England to live with their parents Lauren & Jake. 

Pooka named after the dog from Anastasia is a Poodle + Terrier mix. She works hard on quality control and making sure that everything that leaves the studio is of high quality. 

Polly named after the artist, Jackson Pollock is an Australian Cattle Dog + Boston Terrier Mix. She works hard on ensuring a clean studio floor. 

Joplin named after the musician, Janice Joplin is an Australian Cattle Dog + Plott Hound Mix. She works alongside her mom, Lauren, never leaving her side ever.